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It’s easy to create attention-grabbing and highly-relevant promotions with the CenterSquare Mobile Marketing App and display them on your customer’s smartphone screen. Anytime…anywhere…on the couch or on the go…customers get your latest deals, promotions, events and information to fit their lifestyle.


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Get your business discovered

Our CenterSquare Users are Ready to Become Your Customers.
Get Your Business Discovered!

Mobile users have 24/7 access to their smartphones. They search for deals, events, product availability, local store address, hours, directions and phone number. Make sure your business information shows up when your customers are looking for their CenterSquare-related needs in the digital market space.

  • 77% of all Americans own a smartphone (Pew Research Center).
  • Nearly 80% of local mobile searches result in a purchase (comScore).
  • 95% rely on their mobile devices for local searches (Nielsen).
  • 60% of U.S. consumers’ time spent interacting with retailers online now occurs on mobile devices (comScore).
  • 88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours (Google).

Reach the Right People at the Right Time!

Target and engage your ideal users with custom promotions. Reach people in your area who are searching for what you offer, or people who have visited similar businesses, but haven’t found yours yet.
Anytime…anywhere…on the couch or on the go…customers get your latest deals, promotions, events and information to fit their CenterSquare lifestyle.

  • It’s easy to create smartphone promotions that engage your customers. Write some copy. Add a few beautiful photos or videos. Entice your customer.
  • Schedule promotions to appear when you want them to. Hide promotions for reuse at some other time. Repeat promotions as often as you need.
  • Pin important promotions to the top of the screen.
  • Prioritize the order of your promotions.

Your Physical Store Becomes Your Digital Billboard. Enhance the In-Store Experience!

When you sign up for CenterSquare, you’ll receive a Bluetooth Beacon and NFC tags to place in your store. They deliver targeted product information, deals and events to your customers’ smartphones the moment they walk through your door. Beacon and NFC tag smartphone messages create successful digital marketing campaigns. They influence in-store shopper behavior, drive sales and provide real-time, useful analytics.

Smartphone Communication can also be Used for Employee Engagement, Education and Management!

Use our employee messaging system to communicate important notifications, training, reminders and recognition. Keep in constant touch with your workers with the
easy-to-use CenterSquare app and their smartphone.

Solve many employee communication problems:
  • 79% of business owners believe they have a significant engagement problem with their employees (Deloitte Global). CenterSquare keeps the lines of communication open.
  • Only 40% of the workforce knew about their company’s goals, strategies and tactics (Bain Consulting). CenterSquare’s messaging feature guarantees all of your employees get the same information ensuring better customer service.
  • 45% of workers surveyed said they did not receive enough training from their employers; 80% said they had not been trained about marijuana’s therapeutic benefits, and many provided incorrect advice to patients (CenterSquare & Cannaboid Research). CenterSquare can be your employee’s best resource for information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bluetooth beacons are small hardware transmitters that broadcast information to nearby smartphones and tablets. The CenterSquare mobile marketing app enables your business to easily create personalized, up-to-date promotions that are relevant, attention-grabbing and sent to your customers the moment they walk through your door.
CenterSquare app’s easy-to-use web-based administration screen allows you to specify when and for how long a promotion should display. This gives you complete control over the promotions your customers will see by date, by date range and by time. You can also schedule promotions to repeat and choose the priority in which they display.
Place a small NFC tag on any product or item. Your customer taps their Android smartphone against the tag to receive targeted information about that item.
As a CenterSquare app business, you have access to an easy-to-use, intuitive web-based administration screen that allows you to add text, images and even videos that will display on your customer’s smartphone.
Your Bluetooth Beacon comes preprogrammed to work with your business. A new free beacon is provided when the battery wears out.
You can easily send messages that display on your employee’s smartphone using the CenterSquare app’s web-based messaging dashboard. You can send a message directly to one employee or create groups of employees to receive important messages.

Start Mobile Marketing with CenterSquare for just
$1.00 per day

For just $1.00 per day, CenterSquare businesses can reach their customers’ smartphones regardless of where they are. In addition, our Bluetooth Beacons and NFC tags engage your customers the moment they walk through your door. CenterSquare helps you reach potential and returning customers searching for your type of business anytime, anywhere.

  • Create Unlimited Text, Image or Video Promotions
  • Employee Messaging
  • One (1) Bluetooth Beacon (additional available)
  • Five (5) NFC Tags (additional available)
  • Training Materials and Support
  • *Discount available for multiple locations